General behaving tips

Don’t do anything that you don’t want to. Rely on your feelings.

Be self-confident; negotiate place, money and sexual practises with your client and also payment in advance.

Look at the clients properly before you go with them. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t accompany them.

Caution each other about dangers or incorrect clients; if you are not sure if a client is OK or not, ask other sex workers or barkeepers whom you trust.

ALWAYS keep your clothes near you in case you have to get away quickly.

Don’t wear weapons! They can always be used against you.

If you are on drugs you cannot assess or control situations properly.

And again: always use a condom and lubricant when you are fucking or doing a blow job.

Ask the barkeepers in the bars where male sex workers are for condoms and lubricant.

In case of a police raid keep calm and don’t let yourself be provoked. The police has the right to check your documents.

Dealing with sexual violence

Nobody should harm you physically or mentally. You set your limits.

Sexual violence can happen with clients but also with buddies, friends, dealers…

It can be:

  • The breaking of agreements
  • Sexual assault without a condom
  • Sex without payment
  • Being tied up or locked up
  • Rape

If you experienced violation be sure:

  • Sex work and prostitution is not illegal if you are over 18 years old.
  • Only you know what is good for you now. Speaking about it can help.
  • The staffs of the projects are on your side.
  • Marks of the offender can be found on your body or clothes. Therefore it can be advisable to see a medical doctor.
  • Write down what happened and how. Important: date, place, prominent features of the offender.
  • If you want to report it, go to a project for male prostitution and ask for advice.
  • Don’t go to the police without company.
  • Sexual offenders are repeat offenders! If you report him you may help to prevent others experiencing sexual violence.