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What is subway?

subway is the only project for male prostitution in Berlin since 1992.

For who is subway?

subway offers support for teenagers up to 27 years who are sex workers and are wandering.

Our offer:

subway offers a drop-in centre for daily needs like shower, meal, cloth washing, medical examination and counselling.

Contact us

Phone: 030 23 52 04 76
Fax: 030 23 52 04 77


Address: Kirchbachstrasse 5, 10783, Berlin

Opening hours:

  • Mo 11-17
  • Di 11-17
  • Mi –
  • Do 11-17
  • Fr 15-19

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Our team


Cultural mediator


Education sciences


Social worker


Social worker


Social worker

We offer advice in the following languages: Deutsch Românește Turkie Espanol Francais Italiano